Glass to Glass

Photos From a Revelry Lacuna

It was after the second image I created that the hook was set. After all, the first image of Brian’s Bar and Grill in Stillwater, was based on a suggestion from my son. After he came out from the entryway, excited to show me what he’d done, I asked him how he got such a clear shot.

“I just put my lens up to the glass.” Was his reply.

I did the same, after checking the glass clearance my lens housing offered. Sure enough, I was able to create a mostly glare-free image.

The images in this digital exhibition all stem from this stumbled-upon, simple, technique, but profoundly illustrate our current state of life. They present a revelry lacuna, and an interesting look at the juxtaposition of inviting spaces devoid of people.

As I look at the images, the desire to be in each space, with other people, laughing, and telling stories, without the worry of illness, is palpable. Their empty chairs and tables emphasize the social nightmare that is COVID-19.

There are seventeen images currently. There are a few places that have eluded me, I may seek to photograph. A portion of these images will appear, in print form, this May at an exhibition at Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community. See my About page for upcoming exhibitions.

All of the images in this series have been created from the outside of each establishment, and no damage was done. If I did anything, I cleaned a space on the window. I was on several surveillance cameras – just by proximity, but my worries of setting off an alarm failed to materialize. Should you decide to try the technique yourself, tread lightly and respect property owners.